Reports of noteworthy bird observations in Guatemala

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Through this form you can submit noteworthy bird observations from Guatemala.

Knut Eisermann is the country coordinator for reporting noteworthy observations to "North American Birds", a quarterly journal of ornithological record. Full credits are always given to the observer. For more information please contact Knut Eisermann .

Your contribution will help to enlarge the knowledge of Guatemalan birds.

Number of individuals:

Sex and age of each individual, if possible:

Brief description of behavior:

Location (name of nearest community, department, geographic coordinates):


Date of observation:

Time of observation:
Duration of observation: minutes

Weather during observation:

Kind of observation:
seen at distance     trapped     found dead

Distance between bird and observer: meters

Optical aid used:

The observation is supported by:
Photograph: Yes No    
Voice record: Yes No    
If dead, is the bird or its plumage preserved: Yes No    

Which other species were considered during identification:

Names of observers:


Privacy: Your personal data will be used exclusively for communication with the Ornithological Society of Guatemala. We will not share, rent or sell your personal data to third parties.


Falco deiroleucus
Photo © Knut Eisermann.

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